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10 Things That Make Anything Better

I’ve been around the block a time or two and I’ve been through my fair share of ups and downs. During this time I’ve noticed I mostly tend to keep my equilibrium and come through things pretty positively. Not always – because sometimes things are really, really tough – but most of the time I will find my way through and stay optimistic. Also, ever observant, I’ve noticed that not everyone handles situations in ways that ease them through.

I decided to share what I do in this blog post. I know some people will learn something new, some people will remember something they had forgotten, and some people will nod their heads knowingly.

Without further preamble, here are the 10 Things That Make Anything Better:

  1. Smile – to yourself, to others, with your dog…it doesn’t matter, just put your face in a different position and you’ll feel better.

  2. Laugh – pull up some YouTube video’s of cats, or my favourite outtakes from The Carol Burnett Show…whatever it takes, but laugh! Hopefully until you cry. You’ll feel better for sure.

  3. Fern frondNatural Beauty – notice it, really stop and let it in. A flower, the curl of a fern frond, the contrast of clouds against the blue of the sky, the green of the mountains, the brown rocks, snow…look at it, really see it. You’ll feel better.

  4. Fur-Babies – the purr of your cat held against your chest, the pressure of your dog leaning against your leg, the irrepressible bouncy delight of a puppy when you mention walk/park/beach/hike. Let that through, you’ll feel better.

  5. Counting Your Blessings – this is commonly spoken of these days, AND it […]

Getting Your Groove On – Or Not!

Tofino Paddle Surf Stand Up Paddle BoardingLast month Darryl and I decided to check out stand up paddle (SUP) boarding. We were excited because it covered a few important things all at once: spending time together, discovering a shared activity (he golfs, I run or cycle), and being active.

Also, in my business it’s always great to meet new people, expand my network, and ultimately make more friends.

So the plan was:

  • Take a SUP lesson
  • See if we both like it
  • Have fun
  • Meet more people

Great idea, right? It was, until I fell into a familiar groove and completely gapped on the plan! Here’s what happened…

We arrived at the beach – it was sunny, warm, and the water was gorgeous! The instructor and organizer rounded us up, got us signed in, paid, and ready to start. We hauled all the boards out: which was a “2 per board please, don’t trip on the ankle strap, careful of the fin…” kind of thing.

I’d been out twice before, and was feeling pretty cocky. I assumed I was likely the most accomplished in our little group. I was the first one standing and feeling pretty good – proud even – as I began to paddle around the little bay. I looked over at the instructor and the other organizer expecting to see approval, maybe even a little respect (yes, I was that kid in school). Instead of the respect I was hoping for; I saw concern and puzzlement. His expression said, “What exactly is she doing?”

He had also been watching Darryl and said to him, “that’s great, your stroke looks pretty good, keep that up.” Then he ”Man

Riding A Bike in High Heels

7" heels

I know, crazy right? But if you’ve seen some of the pictures of me with the bike on this website you’ll see it can happen…but the real question is: is it a good plan?

I absolutely could have ridden that bike in those shoes but it wouldn’t be very comfortable and I’m pretty sure I would’ve been cranky by the end of it. One of my oldest friends regularly vouches for the reasonable-ness of her stiletto’s by telling me “I could run in these…” My answer: yes, yes she could and right after the running I’d be referring her to an excellent orthopaedic surgeon.

Another amazing person in my life, a friend and mentor has a picture that leaves me breathless every time I see it. It’s a shot of these crazy-ass white water kayakers examining where they intend to go next on the river. It just happens that the river ends right in front of them in the form of a cliff face and a magnificent waterfall. But that’s not the craziest part!Take the Plunge

What’s completely-off-your-rocker crazy is that they are standing there looking over, around, down to the sides – NOT looking at the waterfall/cliff edge as an insurmountable obstacle they need to navigate around, no they are examining the edge to see what they will need in order to go straight over…eeeeeeeek… just looking at the picture evokes an involuntary high-pitched noise from me.

Take a look for yourself here, I bet it invokes some heart palpitations for you too!

You know what they’re discussing? They are talking about what they will need to do, what […]

Fierce Vibrant You 101

Fierce Vibrant You LogoFierce Vibrant? What?
You! That’s What…and compliments of me!

I know, you’re still a bit confused. But let me tell you a story and that should clear up the concept a little.

I have a super-power, it’s been honed from a young age and it helps me out a lot… Except those times when it doesn’t help at all. My super power is this sixth sense that I have of what would make the person (or people) I’m with feel good, at ease, happy. I started using it when I was young for all sorts of reasons. And the best thing is that when we are really young we are very, very open – sponge like

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– so it was natural and easy.

I didn’t really know what I was doing but I recognized that if you give me some time with someone I would put them at ease and eventually they would like me — is that charm? Maybe, but I think what I do/am is fuller and bigger than just […]