Fierce Vibrant You LogoFierce Vibrant? What?
You! That’s What…and compliments of me!

I know, you’re still a bit confused. But let me tell you a story and that should clear up the concept a little.

I have a super-power, it’s been honed from a young age and it helps me out a lot… Except those times when it doesn’t help at all. My super power is this sixth sense that I have of what would make the person (or people) I’m with feel good, at ease, happy. I started using it when I was young for all sorts of reasons. And the best thing is that when we are really young we are very, very open – sponge like

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– so it was natural and easy.

I didn’t really know what I was doing but I recognized that if you give me some time with someone I would put them at ease and eventually they would like me — is that charm? Maybe, but I think what I do/am is fuller and bigger than just charm. Regardless of the label that’s what happens. Later in life I went into nursing and my super-power was part of what made me an excellent nurse. Then I went into sales it also helped me there, then I went into management. Where… ummm… well, It didn’t help so much in management…WAY too many people to keep happy. That shorted out my super-power.

So coming back to Fierce Vibrant You. All of this is to illustrate that during a huge portion of my life I was focused on making everyone else happy. Read that again, the glitch will make itself known.

Don’t get me wrong, I did very well. In sales it’s important to understand what people need to feel good. Likewise in nursing and in management, when I got it right it was magnificent. When I missed it, it was miserable. I’ve worked this super-power out to it’s very limits. Frankly; sometimes into the range of magic but eventually it came up short. Sometimes there would be a gap that I couldn’t understand. All I knew was my sense was off, I didn’t quite have it.

Fast forward to now, now I’ve got it all figured it out. 😉

The missing part of the equation was me.

What did I want? What makes me happy? I think at a really deep level I believed if everyone around me was happy and at ease then I would be too.

Whoa!! Right there is a recipe for Super-Power Burn Out. Managing all those others so I could relax just a little bit, or capture one moment of peace…it’s a big job. What eventually became obvious is there will never be a moment to chill because there is always a new person or situation and SHAZAM I’d have to whip out the super powers again. Instead of sparks or lightning shooting from my fingers it was a little fizzle and some tendrils of smoke. Burn out.

When I finally became clear that I wanted to leave the management position and start my own business, that was the second time I had ever taken such a clear and monumental step to make myself happy over all else (BTW: the first time was deciding to marry Darryl). It was a big, scary decision to put my goals and desires front and centre.

As my business grew and I continued to discover who I am while growing this new business, I began to search for some way to express what was happening and it’s significance. That was when I was playing with words to describe what I do, what I desire, what I want, who I am. The vibrant part of the concept came easy. People have always described me as sparkly, alive, passionate, aka Vibrant. That’s always been there but I was looking for a word that represented this new territory of really owning my dreams. Then finally I came across it. I looked up the word FIERCE in a random online dictionary and one of the definitions – not the first, or the second – but one of them said: “to boldly and without compromise go after a dream or desire”. Wham. Wow.

That was exactly what I was trying to capture. I am now boldly going after a dream,

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a desire that is mine. Not satisfaction from the second-hand pleasure of solving another person’s problem; but a concrete dream-to-reality love story of my own. That’s what has changed. That is the space I am stepping into. That is my conscious intention.

It’s also what I want to offer to you. I want you to have everything you need to go after your dreams, to value them enough to actually Go Be That Thing. Whatever it is. To be vibrant during the entire time you are giving birth to your dream, to come out of the process better than you went in and to value your dreams as precious gold.

Do I still have my super-power? Yes, and strangely enough the more I go after my dreams the stronger and more honed it has become. My intuition has become much stronger, and even more important my trust in that knowing is becoming more and more solid every single moment. Realizing and creating my dreams feeds the super-power.

So voilà: Fierce Vibrant You. To quote an old radio announcer “Now you know the rest of the story!”