7" heels

I know, crazy right? But if you’ve seen some of the pictures of me with the bike on this website you’ll see it can happen…but the real question is: is it a good plan?

I absolutely could have ridden that bike in those shoes but it wouldn’t be very comfortable and I’m pretty sure I would’ve been cranky by the end of it. One of my oldest friends regularly vouches for the reasonable-ness of her stiletto’s by telling me “I could run in these…” My answer: yes, yes she could and right after the running I’d be referring her to an excellent orthopaedic surgeon.

Another amazing person in my life, a friend and mentor has a picture that leaves me breathless every time I see it. It’s a shot of these crazy-ass white water kayakers examining where they intend to go next on the river. It just happens that the river ends right in front of them in the form of a cliff face and a magnificent waterfall. But that’s not the craziest part!Take the Plunge

What’s completely-off-your-rocker crazy is that they are standing there looking over, around, down to the sides – NOT looking at the waterfall/cliff edge as an insurmountable obstacle they need to navigate around, no they are examining the edge to see what they will need in order to go straight over…eeeeeeeek… just looking at the picture evokes an involuntary high-pitched noise from me.

Take a look for yourself here, I bet it invokes some heart palpitations for you too!

You know what they’re discussing? They are talking about what they will need to do, what they need to have in place, and how will they navigate. They are having that discussion because they intend to go over. That’s right; they’re not taking it as a sign from God or The Divine to stop. Nope, they’re doing it.

They’ve realized that it’s time to step up how they play this game. It’s time to go all in — but here’s the key — not alone, not without every single aspect of the plunge supported. They are doing this ridiculous life-and-death feat but they are doing it with wisdom, good counsel, clear focus, commitment, and a team of people to help them steer exactly the right course.

That’s a plan for all of us. If you are going after something big; take a good hard look at it. These kind of moments/adventures/challenges/goals require a team of support. You DO NOT have to take on big stuff alone! You don’t want to and you weren’t meant to.

So pull out that huge scary dream or idea that you’ve shelved or had drifting around in the back of your mind and take a look at it again. A really close look at it, does it seem impossible? If you said yes, pause for a moment.

Now, let me ask you: if it were possible, what would your first step be? As soon as you formulated that first step in your mind you turned the impossible to possible. Congratulations! Making impossible possible is another super-power!

So pull out a piece of paper and pen (or your favourite electronic device) and write down the crazy-big dream or goal.

Now answer the following questions:

  • What information or expertise do I need to accomplish this?
  • If it’s not feasible for me to obtain the information, who could I access that will have that info?
  • Who do I want at my side?
  • What would their role be?
  • What resources/equipment do I need in place?
  • How will I get that person/resource/equipment
  • What’s my overall plan?
  • What is the very first step?
  • And what is the next, most obvious step?

Once you answer those questions you are ready to take the plunge and you’re set to land in one piece.

As for me, I’m going to call my friend with the stilettos and my mentor and I’m going to invite them to go biking in high-heels…but not running because that’s just silly. :)