Work With Me

Work With Me

What are your dreams?

  • Travel to amazing places?
  • Take a yoga class on Tuesdays at 10:00 am?
  • Work at something that pays you what you’re worth?
  • Being your fittest, healthiest self EVER?
  • Engage your community and inspire others to action?
  • Make a 7 figure income?

What are YOUR dreams?

The next question is: do you have limits on those dreams?

You know, limitations according to the life you have right now. Maybe your life has limited time, limited money, is filled with “should and shouldn’t”, and freedom from that seems years away…if ever.

What if you no longer had to feel restricted or boxed in? What would you dream of? What if you could live those dreams – even the huge ones? What if you could step into action and move towards them, steadily, joyfully, fully supported…how would that feel?

I can tell you from my experience: it feels FIERCE and VIBRANT and I am intoxicated with the experience of creating my own life!

If a dream came to mind for you (and I bet it did) that’s what I’m here for. I’m here to co-create a plan that moves you into the reality of your dream. At the pace you need, with the commitment it takes.

Every once in a while you come across a bright Light whose sole joy is to light up the lives of others. Janine Karlsen does this with skill, creativity and a level of excellence that sets her apart in the world of personal coaching. The depth of her experience makes for a powerful framework for all she communicates. We live in a culture where we don’t do what we say we want and default to comfort and mediocrity. Janine’s genius is in breaking us out of this pattern with zesty tools and soulful ongoing support that allow us to truly rise above the norm and become our brightest shiniest selves.
~ if your toes are on the edge of your future, she’s your mentor.

– Karen Shumka | CEO & Founder Delta Global Networking Inc

Here’s how I work:

Most coaches are on the outside looking in giving advice invested for that hour or the duration of the relationship. I am actually building a business alongside you – in the trenches – and my commitment is equal to your investment in yourself. My genius is seeing yours and teaching you step by step how to unleash it. How cool is THAT??

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It’s all there, in you – just waiting.

I invite you to explore this possibility – Click here, fill in the form and let’s talk.

Working with Janine is like having a great friend and accomplice by your side -keeping you in touch with your values and guiding you to what inspired actions you need to take to achieve your goals & beyond.

– Cara Roth | Founder of Nourish SoulFully

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